2015 VAMP Themes Announced

Ermahgerd! VERMP THERMS!

It’s that magical time again when SSWA’s Production Committee comes together to cast aspersions upon the public and one another’s ideas for future show ideas, and in defiance of all logic, we managed to agree to disagree to agree on this as our 2015 VAMP Showcase season lineup. As always, all themes are open to interpretation, so get writing now!!!

2015 VAMP Themes

January – “Crime Pays”

February – “Dirty Talk”

March – “Mass Transit”

April – “It’s Always the Quiet Ones”

May – “Parasites”

June – “Wedding Season”

July – “Fanboy-syndrome”

August – “Red Flags”

September – “The Way It Never Was”

October – “4am”

December – “Seasonal Affective Disorder”