If J.Blow were a set of kicks, he’d be Air Jordans: constantly evolving, respecting the old school, and all up in every jump off in town. Originally from Milwaukee, he’s been DJing and producing hip hop, funk and soul for more than 10 years, always leaving behind an aftermath of beat up speakers and shaken asses. In the words of fellow Fam Royal crew member Hippo:

“J Blow is to DJ/Production what Godzilla is to Japan. He is good at everything he does. He is a monster. Good thing he is a vegetarian or we’d all be fucked.”

J.Blow has been making music since he was nine, when he started messing around with his father’s guitar. Soon his parents noticed his interest and gave him two LPs as a Valentine’s Day gift: Purple Rain and Thriller. After that, it was, as they say, ON. J.Blow was hooked. Between coppin Def Jam 45s at the stores, and becoming more acquainted with the his new mentors Kool Moe Dee and Fat Boys, he was bootlegging his babysitters’ cassette tapes using two tape decks pointed at each other (LO FI!), and eventually making his own beats.

It was inevitable that J.Blow would soon become acquainted with Milwaukee’s local DJ pool, leading him to conclude that really, any “Joe Blow” could throw a better party than some of those cats. He did, and continues to, a decade later.

You can find J.Blow holding down 1st and 3rd Saturdays at Bluefoot Bar & Lounge, and every Thursdays at Wit’s End (for Shakedown). Since 2005 he’s held residencies all over San Diego – at El Dorado, Zenbu, Beauty Bar, Morena Club, Zensei Sushi, and Kadan. He also co-founded the seminal “Till The Wheels Fall Off” Saturday nights at Landlord Jim’s (R.I.P.). If there’s a dance floor and people who love funky music, J.Blow is happy to blow up that spot dropping a classic record, a forgotten treasure, or one of his own special concoctions.

Currently J.Blow is in his studio working on new remixes, crafting beats for a new projects with a local SD MCs, DJing a Friday night radio show (Steady Crushin on Earthbound Radio), designing and art directing Fam Royal materials, DJing regularly around the city and reorganizing his Kangol collection.

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