Stacy Dyson

Performance poet, playwright, acapella vocalist… Stacy Dyson has spent her life performing, singing, designing, and producing her way around the world of spoken word poetry. “It’s not enough to say “We sing because we want to..we fly because we can. (the motto of her arts consortium, DragonsWing). You have to actively live that life, otherwise it’s all just fancy wordplay”.

Poet Laureate for the Imagination Celebration in Colorado Springs, 2009 Nominee for Poet Laureate for the State of Colorado, 2000 Colorado Women’s Playwriting Festival winner for her play Fannie’s Girls:A 4-1-1 in 5-Part Attitude, she is the author of six chapbooks, four CDs, and does one-woman shows, workshops, and literary program design all over the country.

Based in San Diego (“for the moment”) Stacy is working on her fifth CD 13 Days in Purgatory.

Her website: