More Storytellers Than You’d Think


Storytelling has been around since…well, forever, when you think about it.  From raconteurs to orators, campfires to dinner tables, stories told aloud have influenced the way people create the history of their cultures, their families and their lives.

So Say We All is San Diego’s voice, for anybody who wants to pass on a true story from one person to another. We are the ones who will make sure our stories live on for the next group of storytellers to tell.

But we aren’t alone. Here’s an article from The New York Times about the resurgence of live storytelling across the globe:

…lately, storytelling has exploded into a thriving genre all its own, a new avenue to prominence for writers and, increasingly, for actors and comedians. In a sense, storytelling has become the new stand-up — a way to be noticed by the literary agents, actors and directors who increasingly populate the audiences.

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