The stereotype of the misanthropic writer who huddles in his hovel, unwashed, ignorant of social graces, toiling in obscurity  on an unknown masterpiece–that guy’s life sucks, and what’s worse, his art probably sucks too. Not a lot of literary genius has been cooked up in a vacuum, contrary to the tired tropes that portray otherwise.

Writing, narrative, story–whatever you want to call it–is like any other art form in that it only comes alive once it’s received. The reader completes the writer, the circuit craves completion. Moreover, human beings are social animals, we can only ever write what we know, and getting to know our species is important.

Actors, musicians, puppeteers, painters, hell even knitters get to enjoy the closure of observing an audience receive their hard work. Writers, especially when working on longer projects, can work alone for a long while before ever having give them feedback, and being published is the farthest thing from a certainty. Moreover, not experiencing the immediacy of the feedback only a live audience can provide robs writers of an important critical factor that helps improve their craft.

Also, they want to be rockstars, just like everyone else.

So we conduct showcases on an ongoing basis that allow writers and storytellers and anyone who has the urge and the courage to share their stories with live, adoring audiences in supportive but critically conscious spaces. The effect is instantly apparent, the community  fanatically loyal, and the attentiveness downright eery.

Come check it out for yourself at  The VAMP ShowcaseLong Story Short, and OUTSPOKEN. These are storytelling showcases that revolve around a changing monthly theme, are open to participation by anyone; VAMP and OUTSPOKEN involve the written word performed with multimedia accompaniment, and Long Story Short is a no-notes / off-the-head / out-of-the-mouth adrenaline rush.

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