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VAMP (Video / Audio Monologue Performance) Showcase

A highly-produced multimedia reading series, The VAMP (Visual / Audio Monologue Performance) Showcase presents an evening of several writers performing works with audio / visual accompaniment revolving around a changing theme.

All participants are chosen by blind online submission, given writing and performance workshops to further improve the material and its delivery, and the final product is curated in a featured capacity,  monthly since 2009.

Writers are encouraged to submit a (5-10 page, 12pt. font, double-spaced) story related to a show’s theme through the “submit” link on our website. We highly encourage the use of images in power-point style presentation during the writer’s final performance, but these do not need to be submitted up front.

2014 VAMP Showcase themes

January – Are You Gonna Eat That?
Submission deadline: Jan 5th
Performance: Jan 30th

February – Dirty Talk
Submission deadline: Feb 2nd
Performance: Feb 27th

March – This Is Not My Story (because I wrote the story of someone else)
Submission deadline: March 2nd
Performance: March 27th

April – A Moment When I Exhibited a Blatant Disregard for the Physical and Emotional Well Being of Myself and / or Others
Submission deadline: April 6th
Performance: April 24th

May – Do It Yourself (DIY)
Submission deadline: May 4th
Performance: May 29th

June – Coming to America
Submission deadline: June 1st
Performance: June 26th

July – Hair (No Really, This is a Show About Hair)
Submission deadline: July 6th
Performance: July 31st

August – Neighborhood Watch
Submission deadline: Aug 3rd
Performance: Aug 28th

September – Wild Kingdom
Submission deadline: Aug 31st
Performance: Sept 25th

October – Scared Sh*tless vol.2
Submission deadline: Oct 5th
Performance: Oct 30th

November – One of Our Own
Submission deadline: Nov 2nd
Workshop: Nov 6th
Performance: TBA

December – Home for the Holidays
Performance: TBA

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