Allison Whittenberg – poetry in The Radvocate

Check out Allison Whittenberg‘s poems, ”Wait for Rain,” “The Black Writer, ” “Crossover Flirting,” and “The Quickening” from The Radvocate #13, So Say We All’s literary journal. The poems are now available to read online.

I don’t want to hunker down in Staten Island
Or be on bed rest
Or buy big clothes
Or rush to alter with a gown and a groom and a promise
With rice raining on me
like fallout.
I don’t want to be folk like my mother was folk.
Children growing out of her hairdo.

(from The Quickening, by Allison Whittenberg, published in The Radvocate).


Featured art cropped from the cover image by Sean Andress.

We hope you enjoy this selection from our latest issue of The Radvocate! For more, you can purchase a copy of The Radvocate #13 here.