“And I Told Her To Keep Her Mouth Shut” by Jen McBroom

Jen McBroom performs her original poem of hate at the March 2010 VAMP (Visual Art, Music, Performance,) “Grievous Bodily Harm” at Whistle Stop in San Diego, California.

“No, seriously,

she’ll do it,”

Tina tried telling

her strawheaded

15 year old friend

that was at my house

yet again.

But the girl’s jaw

continued to cluck up

& down crushing

words into pulp

that she spit

with pick ax precision

that, oh my god,

like, totally,

punctured my ear drum.

So I stirred her nest

of blond with my arm,

wrapped like an extension

cord around my wrist

rubber tight

& dragged her down

the hallway & heaved

her out the door

like a Hefty Sack

to rot on my stoop