April 2012 Opportunities for Artists

Brothers and sisters in arts: passing on some interesting opportunities for artists. Hope you take advantage of them and we see your work flourish.

Jeff Sharlet

The Jeff Shartlett Memorial Award for Writing has announced opened their contest. Deadline is June 15.

The Urbanist’s Pizza Parlay, a crowd-sourced micro-grant series for local artists of all disciplines, is accepting proposals on a monthly basis. This month’s deadline is April 21st.

STUDIO C Contemporary invites you to its first open call for submissions for the Between Symbol and Metaphor Exhibition.

The world is inundated with signs and symbols. Yet, symbols are not simply visual data- they have the potential to open doors to possibilities that lie in deeper realms of interpretation. Metaphors, on the other hand, are more subtle and not-so-readily available to grasp. Yet, they are often the ultimate goal of the artist- to create new meanings that are elicited outside of the mere visual stimuli that a work of art presents. The show, Between Symbol and Metaphor, will focus on art that comes as a result of the energies inherent in both symbols and metaphors as potent engines for creation. We invite artists with contemporary art practice to ponder on the relationship between the two and to submit work that reflects dimensions of meaning that reside in both.

Between Symbol & Metaphor will showcase the various ways in which symbolic and metaphorical are imbedded in art production.

Find more information and the application form on the right side of the main page after scrolling down.

That’s all for now, we’ll post more as we find them.

I love you,

– Justin.