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Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable

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Women. Horror.
Women. Horror.

For this special issue of Black Candies, guest-edited by Natanya Ann Pulley, we exclusively feature work from those who identify as women. 28 stories and art, by all women contributors: artists, writers, editors, and designers.

Radvocate #14
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Welcome to the fourteenth issue of The Radvocate. What started in 2011 as a poorly-xeroxed cry for artistic solidarity in the form of a zine, morphed into an open-sourced platform of expression. A like-minded community of artists was formed: poets, authors, artists, photographers, columnists, videographers, journalists, and many more joined together from all over the country to make the eclectic issues a reality. In those flimsy paper copies, the soul of The Radvocate was forged, an irreverent but proud spirit which carries on to this day. The first shot has been fired. How will you respond? Featuring work from Karl Sherlock, Scott Sherman, Meggie Royer, Eric Raymond, Joe Baumann, John Vanderslice, Harley Lethalm, Dania Brett, Anthony Martin, Jamie Sullivan, Larry Blazek, Emily Green, Lois Harrod, Janet Joyner, Allyson Whipple, Caroline Taylor, Laura Preble, Sara Morrison, & Juleigh Howard-Hobson.

Incoming: Veteran Writers on Returning Home
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Incoming cover

As the inspiration behind the radio series of the same name, this beautiful paperback anthology contains true stories from veteran and active duty writers across the US and its bases abroad, told in their own words, straight from their own mouths, on the topic of returning from deployment and transitioning back into civilian life. At times poignant and darkly humorous, the wit and insights of these voices are an important and well-wrought addition to a conversation we all need to be having. Your purchase of the book not only helps So Say We All continue to produce the radio program, it helps the contributing writers spread their work, and if you gift it for a veteran or a family member of a veteran you know, we hope it will speak to them as well.

The Radvocate Vol. 13
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The Radvocate is a literary arts magazine committed to sharing the work of new writers, poets and artists. Since 2011, The Radvocate has created zines, live shows and other media to give a platform and a voice to creatives, both local and worldwide.

Now, in conjunction with So Say We All, The Radvocate releases its thirteenth issue, but its first as a literary journal. Through this collection of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, interviews and art, we are setting a new standard for ourselves. Even though this is issue thirteen, this is a new beginning, in which two forces join together to declare their intentions and plant a flag in this place, this medium, and this moment. Join us. Get rad.

Black Candies: Surveillance
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We’re never alone. Paranoia has replaced privacy. Secrets are the new currency. The strangers who watched from the street now watch from within. For this issue of Black Candies, we found 11 smart, terrifying stories that explore the theme of “Surveillance” in explicit, implicit and abstract ways. These stories not only touch on the contradiction of the securities of our modern era, but unearth the deeper terror, paranoia, and anxiety that results.

Featuring fiction from: Angus McIntyre, Valerie E. Polichar, Julia Evans, Gabriela Santiago, Melissa Gutierrez, Berit Ellingsen, Jake Arky, Matt Lewis, Chris Curtis, Kevin Sampsell, Ron Gutierrez, and Wade Pavlick.

Black Candies: See Through
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Black Candies is a place where “genre” is not a dirty word. It’s a place where respectable and serious writers can indulge their darkest and weirdest tendencies. It’s a platform for authors to create serious, intelligent terror.
Black Candies: A Journal of Literary Horror wants to unsettle you. For this issue, 17 writers offer their own disturbing interpretations of the the theme “See Through.” With more than half of the stories written by women, Black Candies aims to correct the trajectory of the male-dominated literary journals, as well as provide a home for notoriously underrepresented women horror writers.
Featuring stories by: Sarah Jean Alexander, Ken Baumann, Aaron Burch, Juliet Escoria, Sarah Rose Etter, Julia Evans, Lindsay Hunter, Jac Jemc, Rory Kelly, Cameron Pierce, Anna Prushinskaya, Natanya Ann Pulley, Jim Ruland, C.A. Schaefer, Zack Wentz, Jay Wertzler, Adrian Van Young.
Edited by Ryan Bradford and Jay Wertzler. Illustrations by Adam Vieyra, Carabella Sands, Laura Gwynne, and Andrew McGranahan.

The Far East: Everything Just As It Is
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The Far East Project is a people’s history of San Diego’s semi-rural East County, told through the prism of its residents’ perspectives, curated through solicited stories, poems, photography, journalism and more. “Everything Just As It Is” was made possible through a Creative Catalyst Program Fellowship, awarded by the San Diego Foundation to Justin Hudnall through the sponsorship of San Diego Writers Ink. Capturing the essence of San Diego’s East County through curating the stories, poems, photographs and narratives of over 40 contributors–established authors and beginning writers alike–“Everything Just As It Is” communicates the feel of the region through these many and varied voices. Currently available as a numbered, limited edition print featuring letter-pressed jacket.

Black Candies: Post-Apocalyptia
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blackcandies-cover-570x440So Say We All’s annual journal of alt. horror is dedicated to the apocalypse’s aftermath in 2012. New and respected voices alike share this anthology of stories about those lucky and unlucky enough to keep going after the end.

Last Night On Earth
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Tonight, the world will end. Everything you love will cease to exist. How do you spend your last 24 hours? When everything you know is going to die, how do you live?

We asked that question of people far and wide, adults and schoolkids, exploring the idea that we only really see our lives for what they are once we accept they’re going to end.

Strip away the illusion of a future, and what you get is “Last Night On Earth,” a single novel written by 20 different authors from all over the world, chronicling the final day of their lives in the face of a coming apocalypse. Evocative of “War of the Worlds” without the aliens, and “Our Town” if it were set globally, “Last Night On Earth” is a brave and honest look at discovering meaning without illusion.

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