Brent Wingfield and So Say We All

As a part of our fundraising campaign to support Incoming,  we’ve been asking our veteran writers to say a few words about their work with So Say We All. This week, we asked Army veteran Brent Wingfield (you can hear his story this Friday on Incoming on KPBS radio). And as we like to say on Incoming, we’ll let Brent tell you the rest:

Ever since returning home from war, I have struggled with both making sense of the things that happened to me and with relating my experiences to others.

The amazing people behind So Say We All have helped me to have the courage to “show up on the page” and to overcome the simple mistakes  that were sabotaging my confidence as a writer. They brought their know-how, experience and patience to the table, and helped me hone my story into something tangible, something real.

So Say We All has helped me push through my pain by giving me a voice and a new modality of overcoming tragedy: through writing and story-telling.

This new found ability has helped me to bridge the gap between my experiences and the means to express them, which means that those experiences no longer have a stranglehold on my life.

War may have left its mark on me, but I now feel empowered to leave my mark on the world…

…thanks to So Say We All.
–Brent Wingfield

To support So Say We All in continuing this work with veterans and other groups in our community, and so that we can keep making new episodes of Incoming, please visit our Fundrazr and donate.

Listen for Brent’s story on KPBS this week: the episode featuring Brent Wingfield and Alex Flynn airs on Friday, 5/29, at 12:30pm on 89.5 FM or stream at