Brian Evenson on Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable

We sent a copy of our forthcoming Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable book to Brian Evenson, acclaimed literary horror author, and he had some very, very nice things to say. We can’t even begin to tell you how starstruck (and breathless) (and bleeding) we feel right now about this. Thank you, Brian!


“I’ve long thought that the most interesting work being done in a genre is being done on its fringes, by the people who those at the center fail to acknowledge:  those marginalized writers haven’t drunk the Kool Aid yet.

Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable is about what happens when women take over Horror, invert its tropes, turn them on their head, and make Horror do things that you didn’t know it could.

An important and razor-sharp anthology that will leave you breathless and bleeding.”

—Brian Evenson

Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable is our women-only edition of our annual print anthology of literary horror and dark fiction. This book features 28 stories and accompanying art. All women contributors: writers, artists, editors, designers.

Available for pre-sale Monday, November 14th, 2016.

Publication date: BLACK FRIDAY, November 25th, 2016.

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Women. Horror. Breathless. Breathing.


BRIAN EVENSON is the author of more than a dozen books of fiction, most recently the story collection A Collapse of Horses (Coffee House Press, 2015) and the critical book Ed Vs. Yummy Fur: Or What Happens When a Serial Comic Becomes a Graphic Novel (Uncivilized, 2014).  His collection Windeye (2012) and the novel Immobility (2012) were both finalists for the Shirley Jackson Award. His novel Last Days won the 2009 ALA-RUSA Award). His novel The Open Curtain (2004) was a finalist for an Edgar Award and an International Horror Guild Award.

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