Call for proposals: Hell House

Call for Proposals

“A Hell House is a haunted attraction operated on the days preceding Halloween by certain American fundamentalist churches. A hell house, like a conventional haunted house, uses actors and gruesome exhibits in an attempt to frighten attendees. Unlike a traditional haunted house, a Hell House focuses on sin, its horrific effects, and fate of unrepentant sinners in the afterlife.” – Wikipedia

On Saturday, October 29, Space 4 Art and So Say We All will co-host an artistic, alternative, and possibly satyrical version of a Hell House in the 5000
square-foot lot adjacent to the Space 4 Art stage. We are looking for eight brilliant proposals to fill eight separate 8-foot wooden cubes
with exhibits, performances, and/or fine art installations that comment on contemporary manifestations of “sin” in dark, humorous, terrifying,
grotesque, entertaining, innovative, or shocking ways.

On the same night, Space 4 Art will present an opening reception for artist Brianna Rigg, music from Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects, and
35 open studios.

If you are interested in participating, please submit a proposal including a description of your idea, a little about yourself (bio, cv, website), your contact information, and supporting documents (examples, photos, videos, sketches, links, etc…)

If your proposal is accepted, you will be assigned an empty cube consisting of a wooden frame with four open sides, an open top, and access to electricity. However, if you desire, a wooden floor or ceiling can be provided.  Any other structural elements will be your responsibility.

Email proposals to

September 23    Call for Proposals Issued
October 7       Submissions Deadline
October 12      Artists Notified
October 21      Artists May Begin Installing