Extended deadline: Black Candies – Surveillance

We’re never alone. Paranoia has replaced privacy. Secrets are the new currency. The strangers who watched from the street now watch from within.

For 2014’s issue of Black Candies,  we’re looking for dark, smart, terrifying stories that explore the theme of “Surveillance.” We want stories that not only touch on the contradiction of the securities of our modern era, but unearth the deeper terror, paranoia, and anxiety that results.

Even though words and phrases like “NSA,” “drones” and “anonymous” have entered our vocabulary, we’re not looking for political stories, per se (however, we would not be opposed to reading stories about evil drones). We want stories that hit hard, but aren’t obvious; we’d rather have monsters than manifestos.

Creep us out. Make us fear for our safety.

As always, Black Candies especially encourages women and writers of color to submit, two demographics we feel we could all stand to hear A LOT more from in the horror genre.

Click here to submit.

Edit: Again, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of submissions from dudes. Ladies, we want more submissions from you! This isn’t an exclusive ladies-only call, but priority will be given to women authors. New deadline: June 30th

Thank you,
Ryan Bradford, editor