Call for submissions: “Last Night On Earth”

So Say We All is embarking on an enormous literary undertaking, and we invite you to be a part of it.

The premise: Without any prior warning, one random morning begins with an official announcement that the world is going to end within 24 hours. It will be fast, painless, and entirely unstoppable. Utilities will continue to function until the end, but no flights are available out of state. Phone lines are clogged and unreliable, but panic and chaos in the streets are oddly absent. There is no looting, no mass violence. The day looks mostly like any other except that when it ends, it all ends.

So our question for you as a writer / performer: When you know everything is going to die, how do you choose to live? We’re looking for stories that draw heavily upon your real, personal life, superimposed over how you imagine it unfolding with the newfound knowledge that you only have one day left to live it. Do you seek out an unresolved lover? Would you be driven to resolve an issue with your family, friends, children? We’ll be combining these stories into an “Our Town” / “War of the Worlds” style stage presentation as well as publishing the final product.

Because of the heavy collaboration involved in such a project, we ask that you keep the following in mind when writing your piece:

  • Try to write a scene that takes place during one particular time of the day. This will be much easier for us to edit into the final product than if you write a story that spans the entire day. If you do need to use different moments in time during the last day, try to break them up into smaller separate scenes. We’ll be arranging the final stories in a chronological order that takes the reader through the entire last day on earth, and are able to revisit your story at multiple points throughout the book.
  • The recurring idea that has arisen from discussing the concept over the last two years is that for most of us, we only appreciate parts of our lives when they’re over. By knowing we are going to end, we’d actually notice and value how we live, once the expectation of “a future” is removed. You do not have to agree or follow that idea, but I thought it worth sharing.

A recap of the general rules of the world and our time-line:

  • No mass hysteria.
  • No available air travel.
  • The end will come suddenly but painlessly, shortly after midnight / during early morning in the dark hours.
  • The roads, depending on where you are, may be clogged with traffic but are open.
  • It is never specified how the end of the world is coming.
  • Phones connect sporadically.
  • The time of year is set in early October, but we never mention the month. This is only a seasonal reference if you write about the weather.
  • Please try to send us a draft by July 1st if you are interested in participating. There will be time for rewrites afterward.
  • We will begin staging performances in October 2011 and plan to tour the show across multiple cities.

Please notify us as soon as possible as to your interest

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, and if you would like to stop receiving notifications about “Last Night On Earth,” just let us know and we will remove you from this thread.

Cheers, and we’re looking forward to hearing back as to your interest,

Justin Hudnall & Ryan Bradford, Editors.


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  1. Absolutely. Please use the submit link on the front of the website, we’re giving a grace period for the deadline. Looking forward to reading it!

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