Call for submissions: Modern Mythologies at MOPA

SSWA Presents: Modern Mythologies at MOPA

In collaboration with MOPA and in complement to their upcoming exhibit, “Unusual Suspects: Paintings and Photographs by Holly Roberts,” So Say We All presents Modern Mythologies at MOPA: artists performing their stories about real life crossing so far into the surreal, magical and otherworldly that the tales are worthy of folklore.

We’re looking for very professional pieces that showcase life as stranger than fiction, 5-10 minutes in length when performed. Longer pieces will be considered on merit, but stories need to not waste words.


As open-ended as this prompt sounds, we’re expecting family history tales, stories of supernatural-seeming coincidence, moments when it feels like your life was scripted by a omniscient writer in the sky… you get the drift? To toot my horn, one example would be a story I did last year about horrible and random coincidence among my grandmother’s people in Arkansas.

Here’s the quote from MOPA (San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts): about their Holly Roberts exhibit:

“Experience the fresh, fearless world of Holly Roberts at MOPA with Unusual Suspects: Paintings and Photographs by Holly Roberts. Featuring 23 contemporary pieces, created from 2006 to 2009, Unusual Suspects will delight, inspire and inform through the deeply layered narratives carefully woven by Roberts.Roberts’ compelling work is influenced by the people and experiences of her immediate surroundings blended together through a rich mixture of painting, photography and collage that pays tribute to imagination, ritual and fantasy. Roberts draws inspiration for many of the pieces found in Unusual Suspects from her time spent in the southwest, where Roberts still resides today, and her unique exposure to the allegory and traditions of the Native American culture of the region, resulting in images that challenge most definitions of the photographic medium.”

Please review Holly Robert’s work here for a deeper reference:

Deadline: March 1st
Performance: March 15th @ MOPA (Balboa Park)
Artists must be available to perform.
Pieces should ballpark at about 5-10 minutes but longer and shorter will be considered on merit.