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Announcing Black Candies: Surveillance

So Say We All is pleased to announce the publication of Black Candies: Surveillance.

Black Candies is our literary journal dedicated to evolving and advancing the beloved horror genre. Each edition is themed, with special editorial attention paid to soliciting works from new voices, many of whom have published previously in other realms.

black candies front cover

We’re never alone. Paranoia has replaced privacy. Secrets are the new currency. The strangers who watched from the street now watch from within. For our third issue of Black Candies,  we found 11 smart, terrifying stories that explore the theme of “Surveillance” in explicit, implicit and abstract ways. These stories not only touch on the contradiction of the securities of our modern era, but unearth the deeper terror, paranoia, and anxiety that results.  

Edited by Ryan Bradford, and featuring fiction from: Angus McIntyre, Valerie E. Polichar, Julia Evans, Gabriela Santiago, Melissa Gutierrez, Berit Ellingsen, Jake Arky, Matt Lewis, Chris Curtis, Kevin Sampsell, Ron Gutierrez, and Wade Pavlick.

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The Radvocate Issue #13 – Coming May 2015 from SSWA Press!

I’m proud to announce that the long-awaited Issue #13 will be released from SSWA Press in May 2015. So Say We All is a literary and performing arts non-profit organization whose mission is to create opportunities for individuals to tell their stories, and tell them better. We achieve this through three core priorities: publishing, performance, and education. SSWA Press works tirelessly and with ink-smudged fingers to publish original anthologies, experimental collectivist novels, and more that contain the works of San Diego-based emerging writers alongside nationally recognized authors.

The Radvocate worked informally alongside So Say We All for many years. We’ve done many shows and collaborations together. As a zine, The Radvocate felt it had accomplished all it could, so it proposed the idea of joining forces to create a new kind of literary arts journal. So Say We All was willing to step up to the plate and make this issue happen. What you will find is paperback-bound, properly formatted journal filled with new, experimental work. This is the result of an incredible team working together for almost six months to create something that both The Radvocate and SSWA have never accomplished before.

Keep an eye on both websites, FB pages and Twitters for more updates!


Southwestern College VAMP: “Borderlines”

Check out all the performances from the November 2014 Southwestern College VAMP Showcase, “Borderlines,” filmed at the Otay library. Special thanks to Jen Derillo, Henry Aaronson, Heather Eudy, and all the incredibly faculty who worked to support their students stories!

City College VAMP Showcase: Borderlines

One of the best VAMP Showcases we’ve done this year involved the students (and amazing faculty mentors) at San Diego City College, debuting at the beautiful new Downtown Central Library Auditorium with over 300 people supporting. Check out all the performances on our Youtube channel here!