Christian Spicer

Christian is making his name in the comedy world with his quick wit, sharp writing, and energetic performances. He started making people laugh in Texas and now calls California home. Always funny and
observing the humorous aspects of life, Christian first dabbled in stand-up comedy while in law school—performing at local clubs between class and studying for finals.

In addition to co-producing and performing at the immensely popular once-a-month Live Comedy Live shows and co-hosting and performing every Tuesday night at Lestat’s Comedy Night in San Diego, Christian
also regularly performs at all the hottest clubs and shows in San Diego and Los Angeles, working with many elite comics and entertainers, including Fazion Love, Rick Shapiro, Paul Ogata, Sarah Tiana, and Ben Gleib—among others. He has performed at colleges throughout the United States, for corporate groups, businesses, and the United States Marines.

In addition to performing stand-up comedy, Christian is part of the sketch-comedy group Cool Party Guys. He also regularly appears as a guest host on the well known video-game podcast Weekend Confirmed,
writes comedy/video-game features for the site Game Rant, and remains popular on Twitter (@spicer).

It is Christian’s unique background and education, combined with his charm, care-free attitude, and often frenetic performances that allows his comedy to connect with people of all ages, backgrounds, and upbringings.