Citybeat: Fall Arts Issue 2009

They're not with us.

So Say We All is featured in Citybeat’s Fall Arts Issue! Much love and thanks to Enrique Limon for coming down and chatting us up! – SSWA.

  • From San Diego Citybeat Fall Arts Issue, September 23rd 2009.

The Enrique Experience

It was the summer of ’08 when budding playwright Jake Arky met fellow NYU grad Justin Hudnall during a Fourth of July barbecue. The resulting bromance quickly turned into an artistic collaboration, and by February 2009, So Say We All was born—a sort of poetry-slam-meets-12-step-program-by-way-of-cool in which local writers tell personal tales to the beat of different monthly themes.

Their approach paid off. That first event drew six artists; for their most recent one on Monday at Whistle Stop Bar, they had to turn people away. Eleven participants nervously paced around, and thanks to the “Make-out Party” theme—revolving around the song they were listening to the first time they locked lips—the watering hole’s green-apple walls soon blushed to a bright red-delicious hue.

There was Chad Cavanaugh, who tonsil wrestled to Janet Jackson’s “Escapade” with a girl who had biker shorts and several Swatch watches on. Hudnall himself, who to the sound of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You,” got it on with a Wiccan who made her own beeswax candles. And the soulful Gil Sotu, whose Brian McKnight-infused mack session made him feel “like the first taste of sweets after being on the South Beach Diet, like finding out Bill Gates is your babydaddy.” And there was Rob Williams’ account of convincing a neighbor boy that he was a warlock (helped in part by the fact that his house was the first on the block to have The Clapper) and the magical sleepovers that followed, set to the Bewitched theme.

So Say We All’s next dip in the pool will be next month, under the theme “Scared Shitless.” Perhaps I should work on my story of making out with a girl who smelled of peroxide and CK One to the soothing sounds of “The Macarena” at a school dance. Talk about horrifying.

– Enrique Limon.