CityBeat’s 2010 Fiction 101 Contest

CityBeat's 2010 Fiction 101 Contest included two So Say We All artists. Illustration by Adam Vieyra.

Every year, San Diego CityBeat publishes their Fiction 101 Contest. The concept is simple and ingenious: write a flash fiction piece consisting of one-hundred and one words. That’s it. The CityBeat staff and editors then sift through the submissions, re-reading over all of them to make sure they have the best before publishing the cream of the crop every fall.

This year, So Say We All artists and friends Ryan Bradford and Pete “Wheatstraw” Hepburn were among the gifted San Diego writers who’s stories were chosen for Fiction 101 publishing. Check out Pete’s story, “Senior Moment” and both of Ryan’s pieces, “Shooting Blanks” and “Toothed,” as well as all the other great flash fiction pieces that were picked.

Congrats to Pete and Ryan and keep up the good work, fellas!