Drawing Expanse

In collaboration with Space 4 Art and David White of Agitprop, So Say We All will be commissioning six writers to create original pieces inspired by drawings chosen from the 22 fine artists curated at “Drawing Expanse,” and perform on the main stage theater at the opening reception. Come support SSWA’s first show with it’s new partnership organization, Space 4 Art!


– Jessica Standifird
– Dallas McLaughlin
– Keven Freitas
– Stacy Dyson
– Jonathan Standifird
– David Tran
– Sam Carr
– Ikoi Hiroe

Space 4 Art’s first open call for submissions is a survey of drawing. The show will be an
overview of the expansive potential of drawing in the contemporary art practice. Drawing
continues to evolve as a medium, encompassing flat work, sculpture, performance,
photography and video. From the most traditional, to the most experimental, all forms of
drawing share the common language of mark making, gesture, notation, and line. Drawing
Expanse will illuminate the myriad ways in which drawing continues to influence and affect us.

Drawing Expanse
Saturday, June 11th
Space 4 Art – Directions
325 15th Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 269-7230
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