Expectations of VAMP Performers

Justin Hudnall2

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to VAMP! What happens next?

For each VAMP showcase there is a rehearsal, critique and coaching process involved. This is all designed to help you get the best possible version of your piece ready for when you walk up on stage. You deserve it, we deserve it and, most of all, our audience deserves it.

Very rarely do we receive submissions that are perfect just the way they are. Almost without exception you’ll get feedback that will lead to extensive editing of your piece. We’re also going to sit with you one-on-one to work on the performance of your piece. This is a story telling performance. Remember that.

This process is MANDATORY for all performers. And why would you not want to participate? You get feedback from some of the best writers in San Diego and a one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our wonderful performance coaches.

Rehearsal/critique sessions are typically weekday evenings at Space4Art downtown. They run from 7-10pm. Keep an eye out in email for exact dates. We typically hold two critique sessions to ensure that everybody can make at least one of them.

The rehearsals and performance coaching are very important to the process of getting your piece ready for the show. If you anticipate any problems with the process at all please let the production director know right away. All reasonable accommodations will be made.

Take a look at the links below to get an idea of what you’ve gotten yourself in to.

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