“Fanny in Development,” by Adrian Van Young, from Black Candies

Black Candies: See Through contributor Adrian Van Young‘s piece, “Fanny in Development,” which is an excerpt from his upcoming book “Shadows in Summerland,” is available to read online at Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Lucky you.

Fanny in Development appeared in our See Through edition of Black Candies, published in 2013.

Always maintain perfect posture. Never concede to be shut in a cabinet. Be wary of writers and college professors. Do not speak outside the trance. Wear a dress that shows your neck but wear a skirt that hides your feet. Watch the face but not the eyes. Invest in harps and horns and strings. Do not be afraid to put a little sap in it. Often pray and always sing. Repeat words and phrases. Say: Harmony, Beauty, Comfort for the Ills of Life. Never agree to sit on credit, but always agree to sit for free. Condition your palms not to sweat. Exude grace. Never take more than a glass of red wine.

From “Fanny in Development.” Check out the entire excerpt, buy a copy of Black Candies: See Through and read more stories like this, check out other Black Candies books, and learn about our current women-only call for Black Candies submissions.


andrew mcgranahan

Accompanying artwork for Adrian’s story in Black Candies by Andrew McGranahan.

Black Candies: See Through was published by the San Diego-based literary and performing arts non-profit So Say We All in 2013. Black Candies: See Through features original literary horror fiction from Sarah Jean Alexander, Ken Baumann, Aaron Burch, Juliet Escoria, Sarah Rose Etter, Julia Evans, Lindsay Hunter, Jac Jemc, Rory Kelly, Cameron Pierce, Anna Prushinskaya, Natanya Ann Pulley, Jim Ruland, C.A. Schaefer, Zack Wentz, Jay Wertzler, and Adrian Van Young. Edited by Ryan Bradford and Jay Wertzler. Illustrations by Adam Vieyra, Carabella Sands, Laura Gwynne, and Andrew McGranahan.



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