The Green Room free write workshop: Altered States

"Altered States"

Wednesday, September 15th at the Greenroom features:

  • Flash fiction exercises circling around the upcoming So Say We All theme: “Altered States.” This is the time to think back to that trip you had with…well, anything that put you in a different state of mind.
  • “My brain can’t remember what I did to it!” That’s okay. There will be other writers there to help jog your memory and bring you to a place where you can put your psychedelic thoughts on paper.
  • No matter what your vice is or how it changed you, we want to know what you did and how you came out alive from it all.

Pretty trippy, man.

Greenroom’s fall series starts with exercises involving the October theme of “Altered States.” Put your story in our pipes. Everyone is doin’ it…

The Greenroom Writers Lab
7:30pm-10:00 p.m.
Location:  Imperial House – Bar Room
505 Kalmia Street, San Diego, CA 92101-1629 / MAP