GEEZER gives you rawk songs the way that they were meant to be done:by senior citizens. The band combines all of the excitement of the 1890’s with the nostalgia of the long-forgotten era of the 1990’s, as done by musicians in their nineties. Classic oldies, replacement hiphop, naps, medication and a perhaps a Weezer number or two are all in a night’s work for the world’s oldest coverband. If you don’t think they sound just like the real Lawrence Welk, you should have your hearing checked out, sonny. Radio station FM94.9 asked them to host auditions for Weezer’s 2008 Hootenanny, where the band was letting lucky fans play with them onstage in each city of their tour. Now, the old-timers have the rare opportunity to brag about actually playing onstage with the band whose songs they cover in front of 10,000 youngsters (except that they can’t remember any of it).