Flawed American Male

Gill Sotu’s “Flawed American Male” Album Release

Flawed American Male
Gill Sotu's album release party.

There are few people like So Say We All artist and friend Gill Sotu. Correction, there is no one in the world like So Say We All artist and friend Gill Sotu and if you don’t believe us, then you need to check out the release party for his album “Flawed American Male.”

Here’s what you need to know about  the man behind Train of Thought: he’s part Langston Hughes, part George Clooney, with the music of Charlie Parker in his voice, and the ideals of Joe Strummer in his mind, but at the heart of Sotu’s soul is a uniquely artistic spirit who’s got something in his chest that he’ll imprint on your mind for days on end.

Joining Sotu for the release of “Flawed American Male” are the following guests, including some So Say We All artists and friends:

  • Elaine Faye
  • Kevin Sandbloom
  • Jerrica Escoto
  • Sojourn
  • Rob Deez
  • Meghan Maples
  • Hosted by Deacon Blair

Come join Gill Sotu for the release of “Flawed American Male” by purchasing tickets at Gill’s website or by going to Queen Bee, where the purchase of a ticket gets you the album as well.

When: Friday, October 15th @ 8 PM

Where: Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center, 3925 Ohio Street, San Diego, California

Price: $12.00

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