Hobart Publishing Comes to Town

From Ryan Bradford, SSWA’s Creative Director:

The next Friday (June 27th), So Say We All is excited to bring Aaron Burch/Eight Arms to Hold You Tour to San Diego!

I remember three years ago, I was reading stuff like McSweeneys and Miranda July and thinking that those were the pinnacle of subversive, underground lit. I mean, nothing wrong with those authors, but then I got a copy of literary journal Hobart 13, and it completely opened my eyes to what people were producing: it was dark, funny, real, and troubling in ways that I hadn’t ever read before. And not to sound all melodramatically patriotic—but Hobart seemed like quintessential American literature, that wasted little time on winking cleverness and preciousness.
Anyway, Aaron Burch founded Hobart—so he’s practically responsible for my love/fascination with modern literature. He’s also got a sweet new short story collection out called Backswing that I think he’ll be selling (two weeks before the official release date!) I’ve had the opportunity to read it and it’s great—worth every penny. (CityBeat also loved it). Aaron’s also a really nice guy and will probably want to drink with you, so there will also be beer there.
Aaron’s bringing Hobart/SFLD author Dylan Nice to read too. SD’s finest authors Juliet Escoria and Julia Evans will also be reading.

That’s going down at Gym Standard, a very cool art gallery/magazine shop/shoe and retail store. It’s the first collaboration between SSWA and Gym Standard, and we’re stoked that cool businesses support SD’s lit scene.