In The Radvocate 14: Laura Preble

The Radvocate Fourteen will be released tomorrow, Tuesday, September 6th! The Radvocate is our literary magazine, and we can’t wait to share this with you. Order your copy now so it’ll arrive just in time.

To give you a taste of the fantastic and striking fiction, poetry, and non-fiction in the book, here’s a little snippet from Laura Preble’s short story, “Headless Angels,” which appears in this issue:

We brush by red lights and hurricane windows, we are swept into the crowd. It’s a streetful of good times, no one comes here to brood, and if they do it, they get kicked out.

It feels good to walk after the train, especially with Jim, since I haven’t seen him for months. The sweet air and the music, it would all be perfect—coffee and beignets in the morning, staying up all night talking in a little boarding house on the Rue Royale, with a real gaslight winking out on the cobblestones below, then sleeping. He’d see, finally, what we are together, we’d hear a plaintive whisper of Louis Armstrong’s phantom trumpet—

“We got married.” He’s looking at the pavement, says it as if he just told me the time.


“Karen and I. We got married.”

I look straight ahead into the backs of strangers, concentrate on the foreign perfume of people I will never see again or know at all.

Order your copy of The Radvocate Fourteen now, for more of Laura’s story, as well as many other fine pieces!

Laura Preble is the author of the popular Queen Geek Social Club YA series as well as the novel Out. She was an award-winning straff writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune and has contributed to the magazines NEA Today, California Educator, Westways, Writer’s Digest, and Hysteria. She has worked as a freelance content writer for Binary Labs (for Glencoe publishing), and has published five young adult fiction novels with Penguin publishing. She won a Kurt Vonnegut fiction prize.

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The Radvocate Fourteen features work from: Karl Sherlock, Joe Baumann, John Vanderslice, Anthony Martin, Jamie Sullivan, Meggie Royer, Caroline Taylor, Emily Green, Scott Sherman, Laura Preble, Allyson Whipple, Sara Morrison, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Janet Joyner, Eric Raymond, Lois Harrod, Dania Brett, Harley Lethalm. // Cover Art: Matt Parchinski // Editor: Matt E. Lewis

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