In The Radvocate 14: Sara Morrison

The Radvocate 14, just published last week, is filled to the brim with really great poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, and we can’t wait for you to read it. Order your copy now!


If you’ll be in San Diego on Saturday, September 24th, come buy it directly from our Launch Party and Reading at The Glashaus, and we will also regale you with performances from the book. The reading will feature Radvocate contributors Karl Sherlock, Anthony Martin, Dania Brett, Ryan Hicks, and Sara Morrison, who we feature today.

Sara’s story in issue fourteen, “Mother,” is a little bit ghost story, a little bit desert noir, and a little bit sad. Here’s a brief excerpt:

He poked the fire while taking a swig of Jack from the bottle. An ember bounced out of the makeshift fire ring, prompting him to give it a swift burial beneath his worn leather boot. Toasting to the night sky, he took another drink, wishing his mother another birthday.

She would have been fifty this year. He was torn about returning to the desert for the occasion, thinking there might be a grander way to celebrate, but nothing else seemed appropriate. This was her sanctuary. The Joshua trees silhouetting the horizon as the evening light waned represented the background of his childhood and the scenery to her life.

Chuckling softly to himself, he remembered his insistence that she carry him to bed after each bath. “You are getting too heavy for this,” she’d counter. In the end, she always obliged, hefting him down the hall wrapped tightly in a towel.

Read more in issue 14 of The Radvocate, and come hear Sara read from “Mother,” on the 24th at The Glashaus.

Sara Morrison is a native San Diegan who finds inspiration in long drives through the desert and delving into local history. As a creative Pisces, she discovers and deciphers her world through writing stories, composing art of all types, constructing mixtapes and delving into science with her inquisitive son. Find her online on Twitter @karmiclife and as a regular contributor to @ElephantWords.

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