Job Opening: SSWA Production Coordinator

SSWA is recruiting a part-time Production Coordinator to assist with all aspects of its performance and educational programs, including volunteer coordination and recruitment, communications, and production oversight.

  • Position is currently rated at 20 hours a week and pays $15 an hour.
  • Please e-mail resume and cover letter to
  • Call for applications closes October 26th 2014.

Program Coordinator Terms of Reference

Production Coordination

  • Assistance in all aspects of meeting the production-based objectives of any grants awarded to So Say We All.
  • Support the recruitment of new Production Committee volunteer members and Production Committee Chair.
  • Support discussion of new production initiatives and workload distribution to execute them.
  • Oversee execution of paid / contracted productions.
  • When no volunteers are available (last resort), personally manage production roles.

Volunteer Coordination

  • Ensure each non-curated production has sufficient producers and that they are correctly assigning volunteer readers, performance coaches, and writing coaches to performers.
  • Encourage the SSWA community to regularly post through social media about upcoming shows and classes, and encouraging their friends to follow our page / subscribe to our mailing list.
  • Encourage the SSWA community to participate in crowd-sourced fundraisers during mass appeals (twice-yearly).
  • Ensure volunteer graphic artists create promotional materials in a timely manner prior to performance (usually around the time solicitations for written pieces go out), and printed programs by the time of performance (VAMP / Main stage only).
  • Work to scout and secure new volunteers to assist as readers, coaches, production assistants, and ambassadors.
  • Ensure each production—where appropriate–has videographer, front-of-house (donation / ticket collector), computer operator, still photographer, bartender, merch sales, and ambassador volunteers.

Public Relations and Marketing

  • Ensure that all events and submission opportunities are listed in relevant media events listings, and sufficient promotion through press releases, social media, and other approved means of advertisement occur within enough time prior to an event to reach audiences.
  • Upkeep press calendar.
  • Draft and publish of newsletter (twice a month minimum, more as needed) through Mailchimp.
  • Create newsworthy posts on website / newsletter / FB page to garner and retain interest in our news flow.

Education Coordination

  • Responsible for marketing and matriculation of courses.
  • Identifies and secures instructors.
  • Supports ED in curriculum planning.
  • Identifies and secures classroom locations.
  • Support the ED in identification and solicitation of education contracts with relevant orgs.

Performance evaluation criteria

  • Audience attendance and ticket sales for productions and workshops (highest priority).
  • Timely appearance of newsletters & social media updates for shows, classes and submission deadlines online.
  • Quality of copy for website / newsletter / Facebook page contents is compelling and reflective of the tone set for the organization by the Executive Director.
  • Production and quality of press releases.
  • Adherence to press calendar deadlines.
  • New partners, performers, venues, and collaborations achieved through efforts in support of ED.