Juliet Escoria Reads at The Foundry No. 2

Today, we feature The Foundry reader Juliet Escoria, author of the story collection Black Cloud and the poetry collection Witch Hunt. Come meet Juliet at The Foundry No. 2 on Saturday, July 30th in San Diego.

juliaJuliet Escoria

I first met Juliet Escoria in early 2013, when she was reading a non-fiction story in a VAMP showcase about working at a foot fetish club. She’d been writing for So Say We All long before I stumbled upon my first show. Juliet said “I love SSWA because I met so many rad people through it,” and we are all definitely taking that personally. She grew up in San Diego before recently relocating to West Virginia with her husband, writer (and also a reader at this month’s Foundry) Scott McClanahan.

Juliet’s new book, Witch Hunt (2016, Lazy Fascist Press) is a gorgeous, funny, and disarming collection of poetry and stories. I flew through the book, nearly incapable of putting it down. I often felt sad while reading it, but I also felt implicated. I felt like I was part of it, like I was in on the joke, and it’s a super dark joke.

From the poem “David Foster Wallace’s Rock Idol Was Axl Rose,” in Witch Hunt:

But maybe Axl was aware and just didn’t care,
just wanted to see what he was fucking with.
Maybe he wanted Stephanie to be dead,
incapable of letting anyone but him
love her ever again.
Maybe he wanted her beautiful body
to rot away,
maybe he knew that we all look the same
when we’ve been dead for long enough.

[Excerpted from Witch Hunt]

Juliet writes unapologetically, in all genres, but she treats poetry as something both inevitable and curiously experimental. Here’s a brief interview Juliet did with The Kind’s Lindsay Maharry, in which they discuss Juliet’s “cool approach to poetry.” And here is a longer conversation at Hobart about the book and Juliet’s process and inspirations.

If you’d like to read some of her work, here is a story from her collection of short stories, Black Cloud (2014, Civil Coping Mechanism/Emily Books).

We can’t wait for you to hear Juliet read from Witch Hunt at The Foundry No.2, coming up Saturday, July 30th at 7 PM at Tiger Eye Hair in Golden Hill. Juliet will read alongside Aaron Burch, Jean Guerrero, Scott McClanahan, Uzodinma Okehi, and Jim Ruland.


Juliet Escoria is the author of the short story collection Black Cloud, which was originally published in 2014 by Civil Coping Mechanisms. In 2015, Emily Books published the ebook, Maro Verlag published a German translation, and Los Libros de la Mujer Rota published a Spanish translation. Witch Hunt, a collection of poems, was published by Lazy Fascist Press in May 2016. Escoria received a BA in Creative Writing from UC Riverside, and an MFA in Fiction Writing from Brooklyn College. Her writing can be found in places like VICE, The Fader, Dazed, Hobart, and more. She was born in Australia, raised in San Diego, and currently lives in West Virginia.

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by Julia Evans

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