Justin Maurer reads at The Foundry on 1/14

The Foundry #3 is coming up on Saturday 1/14, 8 PM at Public Square Coffee in La Mesa. As we approach the show, we are introducing you to the readers! The reading features Meredith Alling, Leah Thomas, Cali Linfor, Henry Hoke, and today’s profile, Justin Maurer.

Justin Maurer‘s first language was American Sign Language as his mom is Deaf. He grew up on the west coast and as a young man traveled the world with his punk band Clorox Girls. He continues to play in bands like Maniac and Suspect Parts. Maurer was recently in a comedy bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has written 3 chapbooks and has been published in The Rumpus, Vice Spain, L.A. Record, Volume One Brooklyn, Faster Times, Yay L.A. Magazine, Razorcake, and more. His day job is selling digital X-ray devices to dentists. See more of his music and writing here: www.justin-maurer.com

I recently read Justin’s chapbook of stories, Seventeen Television, published in 2013 by Vol. 1 Brooklyn. His non-fiction writing is a visceral, unflinching portrayal of punk rock, of love, of a distressed family, and of figuring out what it is we’re doing in the world. His narratives are gritty and revealing, and in many ways, weirdly endearing.

From “Mexico City,” which appeared in Seventeen Television.

In my mouth went pork, bacon, carne asada, roasted peppers, bread, avocado, and some other things. I chewed and chewed. When I couldn’t chew anymore, I just swallowed. It was the last unholy bite–I was determined.

Salut Blue Demon,” I said. I placed the last fistful of torta into my mouth and swallowed. It felt like it was going to come back up, but I held it down. I took a gulp of my chelita and said, “Gracias, señor.”

The place erupted. I was congratulated ferociously. Bottles of tequila and mescal were placed on the table and uncorked. […] Blue Demon gave us a card with his name and address inviting us for drinks. We had found the Wizard of Oz.

Much of the next day was spent on the toilet. In Mexico City, toilet paper can’t be flushed, so the bathroom wastebaskets are full of recently used toilet tissue. Along with the altitude, this makes a prodigious hangover even more monumental.

–Justin Maurer, from Seventeen Television.

Join Justin as he swings through San Diego to read to you (yes you). He’ll read alongside Meredith Alling, Leah Thomas, Cali Linfor, and Henry Hoke at the Foundry #3, Saturday January 14th at 8 PM at Public Square Coffee House.

Saturday, January 14th at 8 PM
Public Square Coffee House
8275 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa CA 91942
$5 suggested donation.

–Julia Dixon Evans

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