Kenny Eng

Kenny Eng Press 1

“The most difficult question to me is always where to start…” stated Kenny Eng recently when asked to describe himself and his music. Instead, the 103.7 Radio Sophie Songwriter Competition winner relies on the music he makes to do most of the talking.  While his poignant melodies and soul bearing lyrics at first encounter make him seem like an open book, he is decidedly both possessive and protective of his inner thoughts and feelings.  Instead, he prefers to wrap them in a kind of figurative velvet, slipping them into the back of a long forgotten file drawer of accumulated life experiences and deftly changing the subject.  With an ostensibly misplaced, perhaps even warped sense of self deprecation, Kenny describes himself with adjectives such as “morose” and “boring” when pressed as if he hopes his deflections would convince us that he is not as he seems.  Just as with a three sided mirror, the three sides of Kenny Eng shows us how his fans see him, how he sees himself and how he really is, the latter being extremely talented.

– James Cowden