Kevin Armento


A San Diego native by birth, but a globe-trotting scribe, Kevin Armento is on a mission to make every word count.  He’s a playwright and screenwriter who’s work is a mixture of the humorous and the horrifying, but never what is expected in dramatic writing. Ubiquitous is not quite the right word to describe Armento’s diverse and original way of approaching writing, so we’ll let the wordsmith do it himself:

“My intentions change. My ambitions change. Sometimes I want to be a lucrative screenwriter, other days I want to be a pauper playwright. Talent aside, I’m talking about goals. I’m talking about what-I-want, in a world where I’m able to get everything I want. If the genie appears out of the bottle, what is my wish? Enough to get by, writing the kinds of things I want? Making a name for myself? Having enough money to travel wherever I want, spend all my time reading, and watching shows and films, and eating amazing food, and drinking nothing but top-shelf, and having a personal accountant and maid and chef and chauffeur? All the time, my dreams change. So it’s impossible – or quickly erstwhile – to think of “plan”. The only consistent dream I’ve ever had is to be in a position to make a living by writing. Vague, but it’s all I’ve got.”