La Jolla Light covers Righteous Exploits

by Ryan Bradford

SSWA’s upcoming full-length production of Righteous Exploits is covered by Lonnie Burstein Hewitt of the La Jolla Light.

Margaret Noble, who has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from UC San Diego and an MFA in Sound Art from the Art Institute of Chicago, spent years mixing dance music in underground clubs before moving into the world of performance art.

Her latest adventure, coming to San Diego Museum of Art on Aug. 7, is “Righteous Exploits,” a multi-media piece she created with Justin Hudnall, executive director of the spoken word collective “So Say We All.” It’s a narrative duet written by Hudnall, with Noble providing the accompanying visuals and sounds. Part of SDMA’s Summer Salon series, the show can also be seen Sept. 19-22 at the White Box Theater in Liberty Station, where an earlier version appeared in April.