Matthew Villaluz

benefit concert

I’m from candle-lit stories and animal shadows

during brown-outs.  I’m from tatay’s hands –

when rubbed together – sound like waves tenderly

blanketing sand.  I’m from taking the scenic route

to the mailbox.  I’m from the National Association

for the Advancement of Charlie Brown.  I’m from

those red swirlies in a child’s finger painting.  I’m

from homemade horchata – the waitress twirling

her daughter like a daisy between your fingers.

I’m from the soft electricity found in wooden wind

chime.  I’m from the leaves of the makahiya. I’m from

hitting rocks over the fence with a 2×12 into Del Sol

Blvd.  I’m from doing backstrokes in the poet’s pool

of muddied waters.  I’m from that earth splitting twang

from a stickered guitar named after a doused flame.

I’m from making your own goddamn quotes.