May VAMP: “First Times”

So many things can only happen once, and we’re talking all about them, broadly interpreted in intimate detail.

A highly produced multimedia variety show, the VAMP (Visual Art, Music, Performance) Showcase presents pre-booked artists and their workshopped material in a polished monthly show. Artist involvement is managed by commission or submission, all pieces are given a free workshop to further improve the material, and then the final product is curated in a featured capacity. Currently hosted at The Whistle Stop bar in Southpark, VAMP has drawn SSWA’s largest crowds and press, one publication of which likened it to “This American Life without begging for money.”


  • Dave Maass
  • Andrew Printer
  • Joni Redmond
  • Haley Christopher
  • Allen Clark
  • Ryan Bradford
  • Pat Johnson
  • Ugly Boogie!

VAMP: “First Times”
Thursday, May 26th
The Whistle Stop – Get directions
2236 Fern Street
San Diego, CA 92104-5431
(619) 284-6784
Free, because who can put a price on experience?
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2 thoughts on “May VAMP: “First Times””

  1. Thanks for asking! The VAMP (Visual Art, Music, Performance) Showcase is a monthly series staging the best writers creating original work on different themes. Would love to see you in our audience.

    – Justin.

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