Meet Adrian Van Young from The Foundry No.1

The Foundry is our new reading series, launching on April 5th at Soda and Swine Liberty Station.

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Lizz, Ryan, and Lauren all live in San Diego. Our final featured reader, Adrian Van Young, however, is mostly rolling through town just to read to you. Well, I suppose he has some family here but whatever.

1929288_10153937980878879_1805713453792222922_nAdrian Van Young is the author of The Man Who Noticed Everything, a collection of stories, which won Black Lawrence Press’s St. Lawrence Book Award in 2011, and the novel, Shadows in Summerland, coming any day now in April from ChiZine Publications. His fiction and non-fiction have been published or are forthcoming in Black Warrior Review, Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading, VICE, Slate, The Believer, and The New Yorker, among others. His work has also appeared in the anthologies States of Terror II and Gigantic Worlds. He has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and is a regular contributor to He lives in New Orleans with his wife Darcy and son Sebastian, where he teaches creative writing at Tulane University.

Some of us here at So Say We All have had a chance to read his new book, Shadows in Summerland, and… wow. It’s an amazing piece of work: intricate and masterful, and almost cinematic in the ways we are fully placed in the setting: mid 1800s spiritualist-obsessed Boston. With flawed, charming characters, Adrian’s writing is vivid, compelling, intelligent, and always exquisite, even when it borders on the grotesque.

One of our favorite short stories of Adrian’s is “The Lady Winchester Deciphers Her Labyrinth,” which appeared in The Masters Review last fall. Have a read.

The third time she wakes and the bed-frame is shaking. It is, she thinks, the century’s end. The bed appears to levitate, arising on its own vibrations and she is a caught up in it, hostage unto it, as it floats in the maelstrom and then hunkers down. And then she springs out of her bed. She has not moved this way in years. She is running, she thinks, to the door of the room where the lintel built into the wall will protect her, but just as she presses herself to the frame the ceiling behind her comes crumbling down.

Here is the moment, she thinks in the din, where I will be buried by what I’ve constructed.

She lies on her back staring up at the beams. Flakes of cracked plaster rain down on her face. She does not need to lock and unlock the room’s door to know that she is trapped inside it.

Now come hear Adrian read an excerpt from his upcoming novel tomorrow, April 5th, at 8 PM. Adrian is reading alongside Lizz Huerta, Lauren Becker, and Ryan Bradford at The Foundry No.1 at the Liberty Station location of Soda & Swine. Find us on the lovely back patio.

(This reading’s gonna burn).


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