Meet Lauren Becker from The Foundry No. 1

The Foundry is our new reading series, launching very soon on April 5th at Soda and Swine Liberty Station.

To get you all aflutter before the show, we want you to meet these darlings who will read you some stories. First up? Lauren Becker.

Lauren Becker is editor of Corium Magazine. Her work has appeared in The Los Angeles Review, Wigleaf, The Rumpus, The Best Small Fictions of 2015, and elsewhere. Her collection of short fiction, If I Would Leave Myself Behind, was published by Curbside Splendor in 2014. She is owned by a tiny kitten named Henry.

little me

Lauren’s writing is stunning: beautiful, engulfing, and sometimes unsettlingly sparse. We love this story she had published in the amazing Alice Blue Review recently: “Tipped.”

She was thin and I was not and it worked out ok for a good while because some guys like thin girls and some like not thin girls, but then I tipped over into fat and it messed things up. Like, we’d be at a bar and a guy would want to talk to her, but his friend wouldn’t want to talk to me. So they would both talk to her and I would go to the 7-11 next door—there’s always a 7-11 next door—and get Pop Tarts or a king size Snickers bar. I would text her but she wouldn’t get the texts ’til I went back and got her and drove us home. In the car, she would laugh and ask what kind of Pop Tarts I ate. Usually the frosted strawberry ones.

Come join Lauren to see what else she has up her sleeve for you, as well as the rest of our hot-af readers, Adrian Van Young, Lizz Huerta, and Ryan Bradford, at The Foundry No.1 at the Liberty Station location of Soda & Swine.

It’s gonna melt you.


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