Meet Lizz Huerta from The Foundry No.1

The Foundry is our new reading series, launching very soon on April 5th at Soda and Swine Liberty Station.

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We love the amazing batch of writers we have lined up for you, but we’re not sure you properly know how great they are yet. Do you? DO YOU? If not, we’ve been introducing them to you bit by bit. Next up is Lizz Huerta.

lizzkidLizz Huerta is a writer born and raised in Chula Vista. Her work has appeared in ZYZZYVA, The Portland Review, xoJane, Time, Toe Good poetry and various other publications and anthologies. Her story “I, Succubus” was chosen by Roxane Gay as the winner of the Lumina fiction contest and appears in the current issue of Lumina out of Sarah Lawrence College. She is currently working on a fantasy novel. Her dream is that one day kids will cosplay her characters at Cons or weird online videos.

We love Lizz’s work, and we especially love the way she performs her stories. She’s as engaging and dynamic a performer as she is a writer, fully immersing you in the rich worlds of her characters. Her stories are beautiful, painful, joyous, and intense. We adore this story she had published in The Portland Review, “Birds.”

My brother Oscar’s burning sage again. Some new white girl must be over, feeling like she’s about to be one with the sacred wheel of the fucking universe. I look out the window, there’s a hybrid parked out front. This one will be stupid easy; a dream-catcher hangs from the rear-view mirror.“Some people,” Oscar’s told me, “Need to feel they’re more than what they are.”Rolling ladies was something he picked up on one of his “spiritual retreats from society.” His last retreat was for parole violation. When he returned he started braiding his heavy metal hair, scribbling in journals at free-trade coffee shops. White girls love that shit; they don’t care that Oscar isn’t a real indigenous; they see brown skin, turquoise rings, and their hemp panties slide right off.

From upstairs I can hear Peruvian flutes playing the theme from Titanic.

Come join Lizz as she reads something else just as delightful for you, as well as hear from our other smoking hot readers: Adrian Van Young, Ryan Bradford, and Lauren Becker, at The Foundry No.1 at the Liberty Station location of Soda & Swine.

It’s gonna melt your face.


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