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Thank you for supporting the arts non-profit that supports you! Becoming a sustaining member to So Say We All is the best way to help maintain our existing programming innovate to reach new voices. Choose the membership plan that’s right for you and we’ll love you for it to the end of our days. Plus, all donations are tax deductible, so give freely!

$1,000 a month – “The Zephyr of the Arts”

Be still our telltale hearts! A monthly gift of this amount pays for a huge part of our publication expenses, underwrites our education programming, and allows us to create multimedia works that reach far beyond our hometown! You’ve set us on our way to making San Diego known for its arts as much as its weather, like a gentle breeze blowing across a barren waste!

$500 a month – “The Unicorn of the Spoken Word”

This monthly gift massively helps cover our teaching artist stipends for our education outreach showcases, can help us fund our graphic artists and musical collaborators, and so much more! It’s as magical as the unicorn itself!

$200 a month – “The Mysterious Patron”DonateButton

Holy cow! We revere you with a passion usually reserved only for the smell of freshly mowed grass and baby animals! This is a generosity of such rarity that only a unicorn would surprise us more!

$100 a month – “The Benevolent Benefactor”
It takes a village to raise an arts non-profit in San Diego and you just became a leader!

$50 a month – “The Elusive Dandy”
What mysterious friend is this? It’s you! We clutch and smell your handkerchief in longing for the next time we meet!

$20 a month – “A Dude for All Seasons”
Instead of spending the equivalent of what it would cost to see one-and-a-half terrible movies a month you’ve just become a best dude to So Say We All instead, good choice!

$10 a month – “Repeat Offender”
$10 a month is what we’d ask if you saw just two shows of ours live a month, and now you’re supporting us on two fronts, helping us support the community to bat in the big leagues.

$5 a month – “Friend in the Night”
$5 is what we ask at the door to just one of our many monthly offerings, and by automating the process, you’ve just helped us keep them going and shown your loyalty, and we’re grateful!

Make a donation of any amount!

Please consider making your gift a monthly recurring donation, it truly helps us budget and plan our upcoming projects knowing what we can count on.

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