“Miasma” by C.A. Schaefer now published online

Say hello to the new Black Candies website. Black Candies is our journal of literary horror and dark fiction, showcasing writing and art from both local and worldwide contributors.

As we approach the April 30th submission deadline for the women-identifying writers issue of Black Candies: “Gross and Unlikeable,” we are going to make select Black Candies stories available online.

To kick things off, take a look at C.A. Schaefer’s short story, “Miasma,” which was first published in Black Candies: See Through. You can learn more about See Through or purchase a copy in our book store here.


Accompanying illustration by Carabella Sands

The little children call me The Beak Doctor, and squawk like birds around me. It is only play. But at my feet they throw flowers. They think it will keep them safe.

The beak is really a cone meant to hold clean scents: amber, camphor, myrrh.

Oh, I know how false miasma is. It is not bad air that carries the plague. I could laugh at the thought.

But they do not bring me to laugh. They bring to prod their clothes with my cane, to feel their pulse. They bring me to speak to the dying and the dead, to the children and wives and fathers.

(Read the rest here).

And while you’re there, poke around at the Black Candies website and learn more about submitting to the upcoming Gross and Unlikeable issue.