Michael Konik reads at The Foundry on 2/24!

The Foundry is our literary reading series, and we’re excited for our upcoming show on Saturday, February 24th at The Rose Wine Bar in South Park. Get to know your readers, starting right here with Michael Konik!

It’s hard to talk about Michael Konik and his brand new novel Year 14, without talking (with quite a twinkle in our eyes) about its publisher, Barrelhouse. The literary nonprofit, based on the east coast, consistently puts out innovative, disarming work, bridging the gap between serious literary business and pop culture. They also champion the work of fledgling nonprofits in the literary world with their amazing Amplifier program. We are so inspired by them, and respectful of their work. Also they have killer taste.

And that’s where Michael Konik comes in to this. A founder of the 80’s hardcore punk rock band the Clitboys, Michael Konik is the author of many books of fiction, poetry, journalism and essays, most recently Year 14, the first novel published by Barrelhouse Books. His poetic monologue collection, Report from the Street: Voices of the Homeless, inaugurates the Shockwave Series of social justice-minded books in April. MK serves as Poet Laureate of Vista Street Community Library in Los Angeles, where he tends an organic garden.

Year 14 is a comedy, a tragedy, and a cautionary tale. By turns frightening and absurdly funny, this timeless novel offers a hopeful, if hard-won, affirmation of humanity’s indomitable spirit.

The narrator of Year 14 was a young man when a revolution changed his homeland forever—a new regime, a new calendar, a new flag, a new anthem and new money. Thirteen years later he has a comfortable job as an editor for the state-sanctioned newspaper, a loving wife, and an unswerving belief in the benevolence of his country’s Caring Leaders. But when a new Information Gatherer is assigned to the newsroom—a peculiar man-child named Tup-Tup, the son of an important government minister—he’s forced to face the truth about his sacred homeland.

You can read an excerpt of Year 14, the first two harrowing, weird, delightful chapters, here:

I understand that writing this down on paper without first obtaining the proper license is not permitted.

 I will be dealt with appropriately. You could say this report will be my suicide note.

Read more here.

We’re excited to host Michael and share Barrelhouse’s books with you all. Hear Michael read at The Foundry on Saturday, February 24th at 7 PM at The Rose Wine Bar, alongside Kirin Khan, Brooke King, Amy Wallen, and Bernard M. Cox. Stay tuned for features on each of our readers!

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