Monthly Timeline for VAMP

The timeline for each VAMP is as follows:

Shortly after your submission is accepted, you’ll be assigned to a writing coach that will read and provide the first round of edits to your piece. Try to make initial edits based on this feedback before attending the rehearsal critique session.

There will be two rehearsal critique sessions, typically the Thursday after accepted submissions are announced and the Tuesday after that. All performers are expected to attend at least one of these critique sessions.

After you’ve attended a critique session start working on the necessary edits based on the feedback you received. Set an appointment with one of our performance coaches for your one-on-one session, Also communicate with your assigned writing coach for when you want them to review your piece next. Try to get as close to a final draft as possible for your performance and writing coaches to work with.

The Monday before the show is when you’re media is due. Spend the week of the show with last minute edits, practicing your piece in the mirror and telling all your friends to come to the show.

VAMP is the last Thursday of every month!

For those of you that are more visual check out this handy calendar below.

January VAMP production schedule