Myson King

Myson King is a DJ that grew up in the Bay Area and has been DJing since 1996.  Myson’s love of music began in the 80’s and would be fed by listening to the radio non-stop or by digging through his parents old jazz and soul records.  In 1989 he bought his first tape (Young M.C. “Stone Cold Rhyming”) and from there, everything changed.  The tape collection eventually turned to CDs, and in 1996 the CDs turned into turntables.

1996 marks beginning of Another Phat Record, Myson King’s moniker for his DJ work.  A year later, Myson moved to Charlottesville, VA and took the town by storm.  In addition to playing various colleges and bars weekly throughout Central VA, he also hosted “Revolution 33.3” on WTJU 91.1.  This was the area’s only daytime hip-hop radio show at the time.  Also, DJ Myson King’s event “Heads Up” was the only event in the area to spotlight local underground DJs and MCs as well as regional talent.  During this time, he also worked with and built friendships with many great artists including Unspoken Heard, Stacey Epps, and N.O.M.A.D.S.

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