Nathan Asman

Nate Asman

Nathan Morris Asman comes from the Jew Crew of Utah.  Currently living in Salt Lake City, he graduated from Denison University in May of ’08 with a bachelor’s degree in music (with an emphasis in music history,) and is now applying to graduate schools on the East Coast to get his masters and possibly doctorate in music technology and cinema.  Nathan has been an electronic composer and musician for the past four years, and is now in a number of projects around Salt Lake including a hip-hop project, a few different electronica projects, film scoring projects, indie-pop-electronica projects, and a few producing projects as well.  His main instrument is keyboards and Ableton Live with his Macbook Pro, Launchpad, Monome, and various other equipment he also done quite a bit of work in cinema, including shooting, editing, and scoring a number of short films.