Nathan Say

Nathan Say, Poet & Community Organizer found poetry by accident during a literature class he was taking. For a final project, students could write in any genre, around the theme of conflict. They had three weeks to complete it, and on 11:45pm the night before his 9am class, he had nothing written. He started writing and the words would form the base of his poem, “Hands of Another.” He took the poem into class that day, and read it aloud. The class was spellbound and in that moment he realized that he had unearthed a gift.

Prior to moving to San Diego, California to start a new life and dedicate large chunks of time to Poetry, he worked at the University of Hawaii’s Center on Disability Studies, where he was Project Coordinator of the My Voice, My Choice Project, a youth program for youth and young adults with Developmental Disabilities. He was also on the organizing committee for Abled Hawaii Artists/Art Enabled, Honolulu’s yearly celebration of the Signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Nathan’s poetry has been published in literary and academic journals, and he can be found performing regularly every Tuesday Night at Train of Thought, San Diego’s Inclusive Open Mic Experience!