"October Leaves" by Michael Swanwick

October Leaves

At So Say We All, we love to hear when storytellers, writers, poets, and performers take storytelling to a whole new form. That’s exactly what science-fiction writer Michael Swanwick has done with a new story of his own. In honor of the autumn season, Swanwick wrote an entire tale on fallen tree leaves, then put them into a readable format on Flickr.

Follow the link and you can read the complete October Leaves by Michael Swanwick.

"October Leaves" by Michael Swanwick

“I wrote October Leaves last fall, a word at a time, on autumn leaves. I photographed the leaves where I found them — in parks and cemeteries and city streets — and then left them where they lay, possibly to be found by puzzled passers-by. To indicate paragraph breaks, I used photos of gravestones from historic Laurel Hill Cemetery,” said Swanwick.

The ante for storytelling has once again been upped. Are there any other cool, season-themed-environment-utilizing stories you know of, SSWA-ers?