2013 Old Globe Community Voices Fellows

Actors Kym Papas and Soroya Rowley (and friends of SSWA)

Thanks to the help of longtime friend and poet extraordinaire, Gill Sotu, and the graciousness of Old Globe Community Outreach Coordinator Desiree Nash, So Say We All was given the opportunity to nominate 16 individuals for Old Globe Community Voices Fellowships in 2013. The Fellows participated in severak weeks of playwriting instruction from Circle Circle Dot Dot founder Katie, at the end of which their one-act plays received staged readings at the Globe, and they received a stipend to boot!

It was a great experience for all the writers involved, almost none whom had previous experience writing for the stage. In this era of specializing and then sub-specializing within a specialty, it’s nice to see an initiative that wants to bring back the concept of the Renaissance artist! SSWA is in the process of launching a play lab program that would help facilitate local writers to create and refine original works for the stage, so stay tuned for more news as we make it!

Photos by Doug Gates, courtesy of Old Globe. Artists featured include:

Kym Pappas, Katherine Harroff, Soroya Rowley, Felicia Williams, Jennifer Corley, Julia Evans Ed Farragut, Esther Woodman, Nas Helewa, David Latham, Brian Simpson, April Ventura, Laura Condi, Matt Lewis, Nick Crosby, and Jessica Hilt. Big thanks to Patrick Stewart at Words Alive for donating his organization’s conference room for the classes to take place in, Gill Sotu for getting SSWA involved, Katie Harroff for her commitment to bringing fresh air to the American theater scene, Eric Louie for green-lighting progressive and locally relevant programs like Community Voices, and Desiree Nash for being such a wonderful force for change in our arts and culture community.

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