Rajan Dharni

RJ Dharni 'Home Alone' Closeup

RJ Dharni is a stand-up comic born and raised in Los Angeles, currently living in San Diego.  Having shared the stage with some of comedy’s best, including Dat Phan, Faizon Love and Chris Clobber, RJ’s unique brand of comedy can be caught all over Southern California.

He’s performed at various colleges including UCLA (his alma mater) and UC Santa Barbara and was recently selected to join a New England college tour set for March, 2010.

With formal training in improvisational acting at IO West (Los Angeles), Impatient Theater (Toronto) and the National Comedy Theater (San Diego), RJ Dharni has appeared in a number of acting roles including a leading role in PBS’s ‘Homegrown: Islam in Prison’.

RJ Dharni also performs as a percussionist, recording and playing live with many of San Diego’s top acoustic musicians.  Being equally proficient with a number of percussion instruments, including the ‘cajon’ and the ‘doombek’, RJ can evoke a wide range of styles from playful to pensive and is often called upon to give a song that last push over the edge.

Rajan’s blog, “Brain Things,” can be found here.